How much this gonna’ set you back?

Price Schedule

Greetings handsome gamer. You like games? Cool, we got one. You’ve seen the trailer and the screens by now. You’ve read the description. You know what you’re getting into. The only question left is – how much is this gargantuan wad of content going to set me back? We have answers.

It’s mega frustrating when buying a game on Steam, only to see it discounted the next day without warning. We’d rather not put anyone in that position, so for the sake of complete clarity, this is how PATHOS’ price will change with time.

Obviously, the standard disclaimer applies: This is the best snapshot of our current intentions going forward, but it’s not 100 percent in stone. If one of us gets hit by a tractor right before the next Steam sale, there’s a good chance we’ll forget to hit the discount button.